MetalFAB1 is the first integrated metal additive manufacturing machine. Besides the 3D print process also stress relief heat treatment, automated build plate handling and storage are integrated in one industrial grade production system.

The MetalFAB1 system uses powder bed fusion with multiple lasers. This core 3D printing process is combined with integrated heat treatment and automated handling.

The requirements of the MetalFAB1 Beta system have been thoroughly reviewed with a broad range of experienced users of metal additive manufacturing systems, both OEMs and service bureaus. Based on these requirements the specifications were defined.

MetalFAB1 Beta System Specifications*             

  • Net build envelope: 420 x 420 x 400 [mm]
  • Laser type: Yb fibre laser, 400 [W] (future 1 [kW] possible)
  • # of lasers: maximum of 4 (full field) (2 during Beta Programme)
  • Process chamber O2 level: 100 [ppm]BT
  • Accuracy: < +/- 0.050 + 0.0002 x Part Length [mm]BT
  • Part reproducibility: < +/- 0.050 [mm] (3σ)BT
  • Overlay accuracy (using real-time compensation): < 5 [µm]BT
  • Layer thickness: 20-100 [µm]
  • Powder feed and handling: Automated per build chamber
  • Minimum autonomous multi-job operation: 112 [hrs]BT
  • Storage positions empty build plates: 8
  • Finished jobs: 2-4 (depending on build height)
  • Heat treatment maximum temperature: 1100 [°C]BT
  • Heat treatment O2 level: 100 [ppm]BT
  • Job preparation: Off line
  • Remote access & monitoring: Yes, through Additive World Platform

* Specifications may change
BT The MetalFAB1 Beta test system specifications are founded on a comprehensive and detailed system design process. Part of the Beta program is to verify and validate the specifications jointly with our Beta customers in different application environments. Depending on the verification results the final specifications may change.

The key characteristics of MetalFAB1 can be summarized in three short promises:

  • Reproducibility x10
  • Productivity x10
  • Flexibility x10

All compared with typical midrange systems.


MetalFAB1: Integrated Industrial Additive Manufacturing Equipment

MetalFAB1 is the first integrated metal additive manufacturing system designed for high end industrial applications in demanding markets like aerospace, medical, high tech equipment, tooling and automotive.

MetalFAB1: Integrated Industrial Additive Manufacturing Equipment

Born from high-tech heritage

MetalFAB1 was developed by a team of highly experienced engineers with a background in 3D printing complemented with high tech equipment developers for semiconductor, electron microscopy and medical scanning systems. Open innovation has led to a new and distinctive system architecture based on well-proven concepts and efficient application of functional building blocks from robotics, lithography and other opto-mechatronical systems.

Built on predictable and reproducible processing

For industrial series production with additive manufacturing technology, reproducibility of the core 3D printing process is assured by a solid machine design in combination with a smart calibration strategy. Predictability is achieved by combining simulation and in-process quality controls with the core additive manufacturing process.

Maximum flexibility created by modular design

MetalFAB1 has a modular architecture. This allows the user to start with a basic machine configuration with the option to enlarge the scope of the process enabling increased productivity. Moreover, modules can be added to allow the use of multiple materials in one machine without having to clean the powder system and running the risk of cross-contamination.

Optimised productivity through integration

Additive Industries believes strongly in an integrated process flow for industrial additive manufacturing. Multiple process steps are combined in one machine using automated handling to reduce manual labour, improve product consistency and quality as well as increasing operator safety. A robot connects all process steps and allows for fully automated handling of both new build plates and ready products.

Additive World Platform connects equipment and data

Besides the metal additive manufacturing machine, Additive Industries has developed a software platform to support the process flow and allow for full data (designs, builds/parts, settings/strategies) storage, integration, analysis and learning. The functionality of this Additive World Platform includes: request handling, simulation, 3D print process management (resource planning), in-process quality control and infrastructure monitoring.