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K3D-AddFab scales for industrial additive manufacturing in high tech and aerospace

29 March, 2019

IWe are happy to announce that today the partners KMWE, NTS-Group, @Machinefabriek De Valk and K3D (Kaak Group) have announced to take their collaboration to the next level and scale their shared facility for true series production for applications in high-tech equipment and aerospace while changing the name to K3D-AddFab. K3D already succeeded to implement their first collaboration in Terborg. After the purchase of their first MetalFAB1 in 2016, more than 45.000 industrial applications have been printed. As K3D-AddFab has also teamed up with Additive Industries, we are proud to be able to provide process & application development support to them. The MetalFAB1 system of K3D-AddFab will be installed at the brand new Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven and it was proudly handed over to the partners at our headquarters in Eindhoven. Please read a press release on our Press Page.