Product Removal Module

The latest addition to MetalFAB1 Family

Product Removal Module is the latest addition to the MetalFAB1 Family. This module allows for integrated removal of printed parts from the build plate, after heat treatment. The same module also provides resurfacing of the build plate without any operator intervention. This creates a shorter turnaround ti me for build plates to return to producti on and, therefore, reduces the investment in the number of build plates required in a production environment and the logistics associated with material handling. Also, the quality of the build plate resurfacing is more consistent and the powder bed fusion department has more control over producti on supplies.

The module consists of the following sub-modules

• Trapped powder removal (in supports or channels)
• Product removal with band-saw technology
• Surface milling with integrated tool changer
• Products collected in separate bin for safe transport
• Atex grade vacuum cleaner

Main Characteristics

• Maximum product dimensions 404 x 404 x 400 [mm], R52 mm (bin restrictions)
• Minimal 6 build plates separated and resurfaced per 24 [Hrs]
• Automatic build plate thickness measurement
• Suitable for machining various materials in random order
• Collision detection on milling spindle to prevent damaging of parts