The Additive World Platform

Fully integrated platform in addition to the MetalFAB1

Our MetalFAB1 system works fully integrated with the AdditiveWorld Platform, which supports the complete 3D metal printing workflow. It is allowing our customers to store, share and analyse all relevant data in order to learn and improve fast and meet the high standards of regulated markets.


The application supports the workflow for basic design assessment, routing of advanced assessments and part optimisation. As a future add-on, integration with 3DSIM software for part and build simulation is being developed.

Design and simulation

Apart from the workflow to support the management of part optimisation, the platform offers the functionality to store all relevant part data in a single place, including CAD and CAM data – all governed under version control that is used to link version history and is used to link part versions to production builds.

Work preparation

The planning and preparation module includes functionality to support the sales process (next to existing ERP systems), cost price calculation as well as insight into machine planning/occupation and production queues.

All relevant data collected throughout the build process is stored in a single repository. Furthermore, the platform supports the scheduling of builds (with realtime synchronisation with MetalFAB1) across different machines, buildplates and materials and enforces checklists of machine operation.

Post processing

Similar to the processing of 3D printed parts, the Additive World Platform offers full scheduling and tracking functionality for user-defined post-processing steps. The platform does more than manage the different post-processing steps, it also records a full history of produced parts.